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Adobe Flex Connector for MySQL

Adobe Flex Connector for MySQL
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Adobe Flex Builder Flash Builder 4 Certified

A must have for any project that requires MySQL and Flex.

If you have ever had to develop a project that requires flex and MySQL, you know how painful it is to make it all come together. This is the new Standard in Flex MySQL development and it is so easy to implement. Just copy the actionscript file into your project. Reference it in your application and you are ready to code. With this component, you can write your SQL directly in your actionscript. 

Why we are Unique

There are plenty of tutorials on the Web showing how to get data out of a MySQL database and back into a Flex project. For us, there is a fundiment flaw in every tutorial that we have seen. Adobe Flex, and Flash, for that matter is an asynchronous event flow. Unlike PHP or other common languages that are procedural (everything happens in logical steps). This becomes very important when knowing when an UPDATE has been completed or an INSERT has failed, or you have all the data necessary to display that next screen. This is the part that is missing everywhere else. To accomplish this is AS3 without the Adobe Flex Connector for MySQL, you must hand code individual result events for each httpservice call, and then check the state of the call in a logical sequence. You can waste a whole lot of time making sure that data is not overwritten and has been returned completely. This component handles all of that for you. Now, you are back in procedural control of your data calls. That's what makes us unique.


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So stop creating all those httpservice calls, custom XML definitions for each result and specialized results handlers for your projects and make your life a whole lot simpler.

The process is simple. We have created a custom PHP web service that you copy to your PHP/MySQL server and a single ActionScript file to include in your project. That's it. Start writing all your SQL directly in your ActionScript files. No need to ever leave Flex Builder. The results are stored neatly in an object that is easy to inspect. Even better, you can assign the results of your SQL call directly to your flex controls. It really is that easy. Make a sql call and assign the results to a datagrid, without writing a single line of PHP or XML. It doesn't get any better.

Need encrypted communications? Check out our Security Enhanced Edition.


Here's what you can do:

  • Standard SQL
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Synchronous control of results via token management
  • System and Server Variable Reads
  • Essentially any SQL call that can be made from PHP can be made within the Flex Connector for MySQL

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As developers, we are all responsible for the security of our applications. To make sure that the system is safe, the component contains the following security features.

  • No usernames or passwords are stored in the actionscript.
  • Private Keys - The mysql connector uses a shared private key between the server and your flex application. This ensures that the PHP script can not be executed without your custom defined private key.
  • Actionscript implementation of the php addslashes function. We have recreated the addslashes function from the php core library and included it as a function with this component to protect your apps from SQL injection threats.
  • Mock 404 Page can not be found Result - If no private key is supplied or an invalid key is used, the php script will generate a HTTP 404 result. This is used to prevent BOT attacks or brute force attacks on your applications.


What you get:

  • This is not a SWC - You get the actual Source Code.
  • Adobe Flex Builder Project Zip Archive
  • Fully documented Source with Comments
  • Example Application built with the MySQL connector Component. Included examples for Inserts, Updates and deletes.
  • Step-By-Step guide for creating your first project (20 + pages of screenshots and setup instructions... We don't think you even need it, but we love to support those just starting out in Flex)
  • Server-side PHP file for http data results handling
  • Examples and Usage: Charts, Datagrids, Search, dataprovider assignments...

What you need:

  • Flex IDE - Not Required, but makes life easier (Flex Builder 3 or Flash Builder 4) 
  • Access to a MySQL Database
  • Requires Magic_Quotes to be turned off.
  • Access to a Server running PHP that can access the database server.

Adobe Flash Builder Flex Builder 4


 Click here to see the Flex MySQL Connector in Action.


Looking for a better way to manager your MySQL servers? Can't afford Navicat? Check out our Flex Admin for MySQL. It was designed with the developer in mind. 

Check out the Flex Admin for MySQL which was built completely using the Adobe Flex Connector for MySQL


FlexAppsStore is very proud to announce that we are now a MySQL Enterprise Ready Partner and that the Adobe Flex Connector for MySQL is a featured component within our suite.

MySQL Enterprise Ready PartnerMySQL Enterprise Ready Partner




MySQL is a registered trademark of MySQL AB in the United States, the European Union and other countries.

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Adobe Flex Connector for MySQL
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Adobe Flex Connector for MySQL
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Adobe Flex Connector for MySQL
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